Having trouble framing your message?
Does your mission still speak to people?
Are you struggling to set priorities?
Confused by social media?
Are you an author in search of a seasoned editor?
Have recent fund drives fallen flat?
Is it time to take the 30,000-foot view?

I help organizations and individuals find THEIR answers to such questions. I work with nonprofits, local officials, volunteers—even communities—to realign themselves to respond to their place in a changing world. I also offer book editing services. Learn more about how I can help and what others are saying.



“John is a superb collaborator and facilitator, whether one-on-one, in team meetings, or at gatherings large and small.”

David Leckey, executive director, Orton Family Foundation

“Working with nonprofits requires extraordinary people skills, deep insights into nonprofit management, and true dedication. John possesses all three. He has the personality, professionalism, and perspective to assist organizations facing the challenging issues that they must address to survive and thrive.”

Tony Wood, trustee, Orton Family Foundation

“John has leveraged his profound understanding of organizational communications into an impressive set of facilitation skills.The clarity we achieved about the main issues that concern us and their priorities as we look ahead will inform our work at every level. Highly recommended.”

Tam Stewart, board president, Middlebury (VT) Natural Foods Co-op